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The Looming Budget Cuts


Budget cuts for 2011 - 2012 are looming large in the sight of people in Washington. Arne Duncan says as many as 300,000 public education jobs may be lost next year, and the NEA is ramping up its 'Speak Up' campaign. In District 20 we've been lucky so far; the cuts haven't affected the classroom. Next year, all bets are off, as the continuing financial and budget crises tear into public school funding. Check out this page for ways to get involved with the NEA efforts in Washington.

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Inspiring Speech by Chicago Teacher's Union President


"In a union election with national significance, Karen Lewis, CORE caucus candidate for President of Chicago Teachers Union, decisively defeated incumbent Marilyn Stewart. As reported at, American Arbitration Association announced early in the morning on June 12 that Lewis got 12,080 votes to Stewart's 8,326. Over her years in power Stewart froze up when Arne Duncan, then head of Chicago Public Schools, pushed school privatizations, turnarounds, obsessive testing, closures and massive teacher layoffs. During this period Karen Lewis and the Caucus of Rank and File Educators organized a strong fight back against these measures. Lewis' victory today represents a major national challenge to now-Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and his policies, today being forced onto every school system in the U.S." Check out Karen's speech. Also, watch this video on the anger in Chicago at Chicago Public Schools budget shenanigans.

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SB 191 Passes the Legislature


Unfortunately, the onerous bill passed the house this week. The CEA did, however, help push through changes to the bill. Check out the story.

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Are you being non-renewed? Don't get pressured into resigning, and know your rights. Check out the story on non-renewal versus resignation. Also, be sure to understand District 20 Personnel Policies, especially the policy on evaluation of licensed staff.

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House Committee Passes SB 191


Although the House Education Committee passed the bill, the CEA is fighting to remove the punitive parts of the bill. The bill focuses on punishing teachers, and no research backs this bill. Research shows that the following areas greatly improve student performance: 

  • time to teach, plan, and collaborate with other teachers;
  • parent involvement and support for their children’s entire experience in school;
  • meaningful mentoring and ongoing coaching for new teachers;
  • high quality professional development linked to student needs and instructional strategies;
  • small classes and adequate school facilities and resources;
  • and skilled, knowledgeable school principals, teacher leaders, and leadership teams who work together to build professional learning communities that support ongoing school improvement.

Help the CEA by contacting your representatives. We must stop this bill. For more information check out this article and this article.

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Senate Bill 191 Passes the Senate


The Colorado Senate passed SB 191 yesterday by a vote of 21 to 14. It now goes to the House. Be sure to contact your state representatives and tell them to say no to SB 191! In this article, the CEA blog points out many of the bill's problems.

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Representative Jack Pommer and CEA Teachers

Other News

Check out Pommer's speech to the Delegate Assembly about Senate Bill 191. His speech is a scathing indictment of the bill, the legislature, Race To The Top, and the Obama adminstration's education policies. Also check out these comments by Colorado teachers. Furthermore, check out CEA teachers in action and Greg Grote's speech at the capitol. Click here for photos of the CEA Rally in the rain.

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Association Members Angry About SB191


SB191 passed a vote yesterday, in spite of the CEA rally in front of the capitol building; Academy Association members, along with educators from around the state, expressed their displeasure with the senate. The bill would establish a teacher evaluation system that is tied to student performance. Implementing such a system leads to a host of problems. Aside from the obvious problems of measuring performance in Sped and ESL, student performance is not simply a question of teacher performance. Students are motivated to learn in large part due to the culture of learning that they experience at home. Unfortunately, many students come from homes and communities in which learning is not valued. Teachers struggle to counter such values. Teachers should not be held accountable for factors that are beyond their control. For more information, check out the CEA's position on SB191.

After the rally, a palpably angry mood prevailed at the CEA Delegate Assembly. Packed with over 500 educators, the Assembly gave an animated response to Representative Jack Pommer, who spoke about the legislature's betrayal of education. Later, when Colorado Senate President Brandon Shaffer spoke to the crowd, he was not well-received, and booing and hissing punctuated parts of his speech.