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PPEA Fall Newsletter


Check out the PPEA's Fall Newsletter. It contains articles on CSAP, federal grants, merit pay, superintendent salaries, and the benefits of membership.

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Board Recommendations

District 20 The Academy Education Association (AEA) and the Academy Association of Classified Employees (AACE) worked together to make recommendations for the School Board race for Academy School District #20 this fall. We recommend:

Doug Lundberg
Linda Van Matre
Fran Reichert

We feel all 3 of these candidates have a positive track record working with our District. Doug Lundberg has the experience working on the School Board, presently serving as Vice President of the Board, along with his past experience as a teacher in School District #20 and having been a President of AEA. Linda Van Matre was appointed to our School Board this last year and has worked hard to understand and act on the issues affecting our schools today. She was very active supporting the Mill Levy Override for our District last fall. Fran Reichert, though not having the experience working on our School Board, demonstrates a firm understanding of the challenges facing School District #20. She has experience working on several District committees, working politically with past school board elections, working to pass the Mill Levy Override last fall, and she is actively seeking communication with all involved with our schools. She has made it a point to visit all the District?s schools and departments as a candidate for School Board.

The other 6 candidates all appear to have good intentions for running for the Board of Education. Some have the experience working on District committees and some have volunteered with our schools. Overall, they did not show the depth of knowledge that our recommended candidates have at this time. All of them, over time, could be great School Board members in the future.

This year these three positions on our School Board will make up a majority of our five elected members. They will have an impact on our School District?s future. We believe that Doug Lundberg, Linda Van Matre and Fran Reichert, will do what is best for our students, staff and community, working on our School Board.

Please respect Fair Campaign Laws and Practices and do not post this letter, or any other recommendations (or endorsements) in our schools. And of course, please exercise your right to vote. Voting will be by mail in ballots this year.
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What's Happening with PERA


There are changes coming at PERA, and these will affect your retirement. The PERA Board will be considering potential legislation in October. PERA's investments lost 25% of their value last year. The fund faces a serious short-term budget shortfall. Will this mean reduced benefits, increased contributions, or some kind of restructuring? Find out what the CEA says in the latest CEA Journal and stay tuned for how you can become involved in ensuring the best outcome for your retirement.

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Association Representives Training

AEAAre you a building representative (also called an AR)? There's a training coming up just for YOU! You are the first contact for members! Find out how to do the job more effectively AND efficiently!
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Honduran Teacher Unions Struggling Against Violence

World News

"Honduran teacher unions have opted to join a general strike in the face of escalating violence in the country. Following the recent killings of two teachers, teacher unions have abandoned their previous compromise plan of teaching three days a week and supporting the national resistance to the unelected regime two days a week." Read More.

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Which Professional Organization is for Me?


I've heard several people ask this question over the last few days, so I thought I'd post my response. In D20, you have a choice. You can join the AEA, or you can join PACE.

The AEA is the only true professional organization in the district. It is a community and organization that fosters best practices at the local, state, and national level. The Association stands for reducing class sizes, making schools safer, securing technology resources, and increasing school funding. The Association offers liability protection to educators and has attorneys on-staff who understand the litigation involved with education.

PACE, on the other hand, is an anti-union, anti-public school, anti-educator organization. It offers fewer services and protections, does not have local associations, and does not actively foster best practices in education at the local, state, and national level. If you want the Wal-mart of professional organizations, PACE is it. Do your research on PACE.

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The social at Pizza Time was a success. During two hours, quite a few people filtered in and out and enjoyed pizza and beverages while socializing. The conversations covered a wide range of topics: RTI, the district budget (where should the $186 million go?), the place of data and standard assessments in education, literature (especially the works of Pat Conroy), the need for smaller class sizes and more physical education, movies, music, and much more. The opinions expressed were variously candid, irreverent, and thought-provoking.

The AEA Membership Committee is planning, and will shortly announce, a regular monthly series of socials, the purpose of which (aside from having a good time) is to foster dialogue and community among our members.

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I know we are close to having those smiling kids in our rooms, but even the busiest teacher needs a break! Please pass this through your buildings today. There is an AEA Social today (Aug. 14) at Pizza Time in the Albertson's Shopping Center at Union and Research from 3:00-5:00 pm. AEA is buying the pizza and soda. Come on over for a quick break and grab a slice. Invite a non-member to come too. See you there.